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What a house means for you


5th edition of the Tragaluz International Illustration Award
Illustration Call  “what a house means for you”.

This year’s main image is the house. We have just built a dwelling in Medellín that is home to our publisher house along with other spaces designed for our community of readers, illustrators, curious individuals, fans of the editorial work… In addition to our offices, the house has a café-bookshop, a gallery, a workshop room and a co-working area.

When we embarked on this project, we pictured each room of the house, imagining what we wanted to do in this space, how we would inhabit it, what story it would tell… This year’s invitation is to draw “what a house means for you”. What it looks like, who inhabits it, what makes it a place one wants to go once and again.

Submission requirements:

• Each artist may submit only 1 illustration. You are free to use the technique of your choice.

• Submitted illustrations need to be unpublished and have not been submitted to other competitions recently.

• The submission message should include the contestant’s personal data (full name, age, ID number, nationality) attaching the selected fragment and the illustration. The fragment must be a separate file (either DOC or PDF). The attached illustration must be a high-quality JPG image file (100% – RGB). It can be either horizontal or vertical in direction, and must not exceed 5 megabytes and 150 dpi.

Illustrations should be submitted to Illustrations can be submitted starting June 1 and no later than August 15, 2019.

Artists will keep ownership of their works.

deadline: August 15, 2019
more info: