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Visual Identity Awards


International Visual Identity Awards 2020

Now in their 7th year, the International Visual Identity Awards (IVIA) are a global competition loved by independent agencies and designers.

With 21 diverse categories, there’s plenty of opportunity to share your branding project with the world.

The awards were founded with a clear vision to provide an equal opportunity for all types of entry, from the freelance designer, through to small design studios and larger branding agencies.

Each entry is assessed against submissions in its own category, so healthcare entries will be up against other healthcare entries for example. It’s an obvious idea but one that does not tend to happen for this kind of design competition. This also means that your work has a higher chance of winning, since it’s not competing with all the other IVIA entries.

The twenty one (21) competition categories for 2020 are:

Consumer products
Public sector
Media and publishing
Transport and automotive
Financial services
Food and drink
Restaurants, hospitality, travel and leisure
Charity and non-profit
Professional services
Real Estate
There are numerous benefits to entering, aside from that warm glow of satisfaction when you find out you’ve won! Winning an award can provide excellent PR and marketing opportunities, enhance the credibility of your services and attract talent to your team whilst motivating your existing employees.

International Visual Identity Awards (IVIA) 2020 – Entry Fees
The March/April student fee is £50 per entry + UK VAT. The March/April standard fee is £70 per entry + UK VAT.

Entry fees increase during the course of the year.

The earlier you enter, the more you save.

deadline: 31 October 2020
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