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Emerging Asian Media Artists Call
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VH Award

Grant and Online Residency for Emerging Asian Media Artists

The VH AWARD supports emerging Asian media artists to share their artistic experiments and amplify their voices on diverse issues by offering the opportunity to participate in an online residency programme and showcase their works across various global platforms.

Applicants for the 5th edition of the award will be required to submit a proposal to produce audiovisual screen-based works that may include, but are not limited to, video art, moving image, film, motion graphics, computer animation, gaming and more. Applications can be submitted by an individual, team or collective. Applications will be accepted from all over the world, including artists with a connection to Asia who are based outside of Asia.

The five shortlisted artists, teams or collectives will each receive a grant of 25,000 USD for the production of new artworks. In addition, through a partnership with EYEBEAM, the prominent not-for-profit art and technology centre based in New York City, the five shortlisted artists or teams will be invited to participate in an online residency programme led by networked artists and curators of EYEBEAM from October to December 2022 before the submission of their final works.

The Grand Prix recipient will be announced during an award ceremony in May 2023. The winner will receive an additional grant of 25,000 USD, with artworks by all finalists exhibited across various platforms around the globe.

deadline:  28 July 2022
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