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Open Call for XR Projects

V2_ Lab
Realities in Transition: Open Call for XR Projects

Realities in Transition (RIT) is calling for creative XR projects that are reimagining and expanding the notions of XR by drawing a critical, reflective path of thinking and promoting a common, open, and sustainable XR at a European level. In total, seven projects will be offered a residency at V2_ Lab in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

How we experience digital content is changing rapidly with the emerging field of Extended Reality (XR). XR encompasses virtual, augmented and mixed reality to create a cross-reality where data seamlessly blends with our physical environment. The impact of such an integrated world is becoming evident across society in domains such as education, healthcare, industry and culture. Inevitably, the opportunities of XR also introduce critical issues regarding sustainable ethics, data privacy, and imbalanced access to technological means, to name a few. XR tools represent compelling possibilities for creatives and artists to build upon and challenge existing modes of content creation and storytelling while helping to develop original methodologies in producing new artistic media.

During the residency at V2_ Lab in Rotterdam from 6 March – 5 May 2023, selected applicants will receive access to the facilities, production and curatorial support next to the opportunity to join an XR workshop and receive expert feedback. Towards the end of the residency, a public event will be held to present the resulting work. A budget will be provided to cover travel, accommodation, materials and a stipend.

To activate a Creative and Activist European XR community, Realities in Transition aims to support projects that reflect on ‘alternative’ XR creation and promote methodologies in line with the values driven by the concepts of commons and commoning. The call is open to emerging creatives who are European residents and regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity.

deadline: 1 December 2022
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