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Theatre Poster Call


Theatre Poster Сontest

The 1st Contest took place within the scope of International Theatrical Festival “Meetings in Odessa” in Odessa (Ukraine) in September 2013. 144 artists from 17 countries participated in the Contest.

The II Contest was held within the framework of the XI Vampilov International Theatrical Festival of Modern Drama in Okhlopkov Academician Drama Theatre, Irkutsk (Russia) in September, 2017. There were more than 800 works from 300 participants of 34 countries.

The current Contest is the part of the X International Festival-Laboratory of Chamber Theaters and Small-Form Plays “MOLDFEST.RAMPA.RU”, Moldova, Kishinev, December 2018. Details

At different times this Festival was attended by theater groups from many countries, such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Israel, Germany, Switzerland etc. This Festival is the real creative laboratory, art school, where numerous festival performances are discussed “from dusk till dawn”, where opinions of representstives of modern theatrical art expressing various trends and styles clash. The initiator and organizer of the Festival is State Youth Drama Theatre “S Ulitzy Roz” (“From the Street of Roses”) and its unchallenged leader and director Yuriy Harmelin.

As usual the Contest will have 2 nominations:

• classical poster;

• video poster – advertising video of performance for city boards, Internet and e-media.

The distinctive feature of this Contest is 2 kinds of Jury:

1. Artists’ Jury with membership of highly professional artists, recognized masters.

2. Theatre Critics’ Jury – theater experts, critics, analysts So all works are estimated as an art work and as a part of multifaceted theatrical process.

The Contest is held in 2 stages:

1.Internet-Contest. All sent electronic versions of posters will be placed on the special site The collection of works will be ended on October 31.

Everybody may vote for the favorite poster. The official voting starts on 1 November, and lasts till end of theatrical festival.

2. In final stage the Jury selects about 70 posters and 20 video clips of performances for further exposition in Kishinev in December 2018. Во втором туре

The Jury announces three winners in the each nomination from the selected works. The authors get Diplomas of winners .

Also by results of the Internet voting the winner of Internet contest in each nomination is awarded to diploma. The audience who visits the Exhibition of theatrical posters and videos in Kishinev, can vote for one of works. By results of this voting the prize of spectator sympathies is handed.

The works of 2015-2018 to any performance take part in the Contest. Award presentation is performed at the closing ceremony of the Festival. Awards and diplomas of participants will be sent by e-mail.

You can download the contest condition and the application here: Documents


deadline: 31.10.2018
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