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The Future of Nature


Miap Foundation
Are you a visual storyteller/artist?

The Grant

The 5 grants of € 5,000 each will support projects — either new or ongoing — from photographers/visual storytellers/artists.

The grant offers the opportunity to collaborate with peers and to connect with experts who can help you bring your story to different platforms.

“ ‘the Garden of Eden is no more’. With directional intent we can shift our aspirations from our current extractive growth to a life-sustaining society of regenerative values, principles and practices. We will thus need artists as well as policy experts, farmers as well as leaders of industry, grandmothers as well as inventors, and indigenous leaders as well as scientists.” 

David Attenborough

Theme: The Future of Nature

The paradigm that human beings are at the centre of the world is only leading to destruction and must be urgently replaced. In fact, extraction needs to be substituted by inclusion. It is time for new perspectives and imaging to reflect and bring about change in our behavior and understanding of the living environment we are so closely interrelated with.

MIAP is looking for visual storytellers/artists who can envision a new future where nature has its place at the table. We truly believe that new visual stories are instrumental in fostering both the process and the outcome of the systemic change we need. In this context we think that multidisciplinarity is important, and therefore encourage collaborations with scientists, journalists, engineers, or philosophers.

MIAP is seeking new, innovative and intuitive approaches towards nature.

In line with its history and commitment, MIAP will also offer grants in 2020. We will support 5 photographers to continue their ongoing projects, or to produce new work, focusing on the new theme ‘Future of Nature’. The current COVID-19 crisis has shown that we are challenged to continuously adjust our behavior and ideas. A virus is a natural phenomenon, and the global pandemic has exposed how we are connected to the laws of nature.

Since many years, we have been warned that we need to change our relation with the environment to keep the world liveable for future generations. For most people it is difficult to imagine this. This is why MIAP invites 5 Dutch-based photographers to create new work in which we can revisit our attitude towards nature and take a step forward in building a new relationship with it.

deadline:September 1, 2020
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