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Supporting Policy Reform

UNESCO-Aschberg Programme
Supporting Policy Reform in the Cultural and Creative Industries

The UNESCO-Aschberg Programme was adapted in the face of COVID-19 to specifically support states and key actors in cultural and creative industries in line with the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

The recent UNESCO report on the cultural and creative industries has shown that this sector has been particularly affected by the pandemic, with a loss of around 10 million jobs worldwide. The livelihoods of many arts and culture professionals are under immediate threat.

With a strong focus on protecting the economic, social and cultural rights of artists and guaranteeing decent jobs in the creative sector, the Aschberg Programme targets institutions and organisations to advise on legal, regulatory or policy reforms. The Programme guarantees technical and financial support on the design, revision or implementation of reforms concerning: social security, decent jobs, income generation, copyright protection, credit conditions, tax exemption, mobility, freedom of artistic expression, trade unions and professional organisations, and improvement of unemployment, sick leave or health insurance benefits.

Applicants are asked to outline a proposal that will help promote the arts and cultural landscape. Following the deadline, the Programme offers Online assistance to applicants to clarify the objectives and scope of the Call for Projects.

Eligible entities/organisations
Governmental and national institutions dealing with the status of the artist and cultural professionals:
•    National ministries (Culture, Finance, Labour, Tourism, Communication, Social Affairs, etc.).
•    National arts council and specialised committees dealing with arts, cultural and creative industries.
•    National Parliament and/or its special thematic commissions.
•    Universities and research centres.
•    Municipalities and Cities’ Councils.

Civil society organizations (CSOs):
•    National, regional, and international organisations, professional associations and foundations that are active in the cultural and creative industries
•    Groups that support the work of artists and cultural communities.
•    Artist’s networks or unions, cultural associations.

deadline: 3 December 2021
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