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Arts + Literature Laboratory
Rewriting the Master Narrative

Arts + Literature Laboratory seeks submissions for Rewriting the Master Narrative, a national juried exhibition focused on how printmaking can challenge the paradigms we live with and expand the stories we collectively tell.

Printmaking has always ridden the line between works crafted by hand and works done by replicable form. There is inevitable tension in the power that print can give. On the one hand, it gives access to many people to tell their stories. On the other, it requires a template in order to share widely with the masses. From religion (Jesus), to mythology (Odysseus), to pop culture (Luke Skywalker)— names and faces change, but stories often stay the same.

When the stories we share begin to look alike, what’s the role of the maker of the matrix? When we live in an era where we need different faces and different outcomes, what is the role of the storyteller who creates what others will emulate?

Artists are invited to submit two and three-dimensional artworks based in printmaking that explore and expand the boundaries of storytelling. All printmaking forms are all welcome. Themes include but are not limited to mythologies, history and current events, systemic change, and social commentary.

Artists may submit up to three works for consideration. Title and number your images as follows: LastName_ArtworkTitle_01. Works will be juried by Deborah Maris Lader.

One artist will be awarded an exhibition at Arts + Literature Laboratory in 2019-2020. The prize-winner will be announced at the opening reception on August 4, 2018 (7-9pm).

Entrants will be notified with the results in early July; shipping and artwork drop-off information will be provided to exhibiting artists upon notification.

deadline: Applicants must submit this form with an entry fee by Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 11:59pm CST.
more info: Please read over the prospectus, including guidelines,
before submitting work: