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Struer as the City of Sound

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How can sound be part of the urban space of the future and mark Struer as the City of Sound?
Struer Kunstråd convenes a project proposal for an artistic work that relates to Struer’s public spaces and the idea of ​​marking a welcome to Lydens By based on areas in front of Struer Station.

Since 2020, Struer Municipality has worked with the art strategy Art with Effect, where sound art is thought of as a driver for the municipality’s development in relation to urban development, attractions and the development of creative environments. With this open call, artists are invited to propose projects that activate the municipality’s identity as the City of Sound to the many travelers, citizens and visitors who travel on and around the station square. Struer is home to several internationally oriented companies and attracts with a number of initiatives in the “Sound Cluster” manpower and talent internationally. There is thus a desire to signal hospitality and hospitality, but also pride in the local sound tradition of the square, which meets the city’s visitors as one of the first things on arrival in Struer.

The project must have a total duration of 2 years. It can be in the form of one project that is maintained during the entire period or in the form of several minor reductions during the period. There is a possibility of extension after the project period. The municipality of Struer decides on this in consultation with the artist.

Project proposals are wanted for Struer’s urban space, in which sound plays a central role. It is open to the applicant (s) whether sound must appear specifically audible in the project, or whether sound is represented or processed e.g. sculptural or installation.

The place
The project, which must be site-specific and based on the square immediately in front of Struer Station, can with advantage relate to the entire urban space course, where it is possible to make physical work on the axis that runs parallel to the track from Bredgade in the east to the beginning of Black Path in the west.

Physical installations are possible at the following points of impact:

At the center of the pedestrian area in front of the station (current flower bed)
At the bush on the corner of Østergade and Jyllandsgade (entrance to Lydaksen)
At the entrance to the Black Path (stair area) (entrance to nature zones / The Green Ring)
On the open field “Hængslet” at the intersection between Østergade and Bredgade (entrance to the urban zone)
It is also possible to incorporate a course up along Jyllandsgade, which is locally referred to as Lydaksen and connects the station with first Struer Gymnasium and later Lydklyngen with Sound Hub Denmark, Sound Art Lab, B&O and Harman Lifestyle

The area around the track is characterized by a number of demolitions and appears as slightly “unfinished” urban spaces that will probably have to be rethought within a number of years. Therefore, we look positively at projects that test strategies and manifest opportunities in this central urban space.

Pictures and further information about the specific locations for the location of the work can be obtained by contacting Struer Municipality – see more in the contact information section. Attention is drawn to the fact that the final location of the work requires a political approval.

Who can apply?
Artists, curators and other actors who can document professional practice and development work with art in public spaces.

What must the application contain?
Short project description with ideas and overview map, where the desired locations are specified, in addition:

Budget estimates incl. maintenance costs for 2 years
Estimated schedule for realization of the work
Technical conditions and considerations regarding installation.
Possibly. considerations on the dissemination and involvement of actors
Possibly. commitments from partners
Short CV and portfolio of realized projects and possibly links to web. The application and appendices are sent as a complete pdf (max 10 pages) to

What is emphasized in the assessment?
In assessing the application, the Danish Arts Council emphasizes that the applicant’s contribution will be able to bring reflection and create dialogue about the meeting between sound, art and public space based on one or more of the following focus areas:

Historic spaces
Today’s social space
The nature of urban nature
Technological spaces
Cross-aesthetic spaces
Sustainability, eg recycling or up-cycling of used materials
Close to the station is Struers Statsgymnasium and boarding school, which houses many international students. We view projects that are actively related to young people as users of urban spaces and works of art (s).

Selection process
The jury consists of members of Struer Kunstråd. Based on the submitted project proposals, one project proposal is selected. An invitation is made to complete the sketch, which is remunerated with DKK 50,000, and a framework is agreed for travel and production costs. Sketch project incl. final budget and schedule will subsequently be presented to the jury in November, which will assess whether the project can be realized on this basis.

Time schedule
Application deadline: 1 September 2022 at 12.00

Applications are considered at the Arts Council meeting in September. You will receive a response to your application immediately thereafter. No grounds for refusal are given.

The sketch project is expected to take place in the autumn of 2022 with a final sketch presentation at the end of 2022. If the project is approved for realization, it is desired that the project can be inaugurated in connection with Struer Tracks # 4 in August 2023.

The entire process involves employees at Struer Municipality as a sparring partner on the project and there will also be access to sparring from various’ sound actors’ in Struer ‘.

The total project budget is DKK 600,000, of which a sketch fee of DKK 50,000 and an artist’s fee of DKK 100,000.
The project is supported by the New Carlsberg Foundation and Struer Municipality.

Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Struer Municipality’s sound art strategy and the projects that have so far been realized in connection with the investment in the development of sound art and sound environments in Struer.

Struer Municipality’s sound art strategy
Struer’s city center plan and audio manual
Struer Tracks
Sound Art Lab
Rule construction 411
Contact Information
If you have questions about the open call, you are welcome to contact

Thomas Wolsing
Chairman of Struer Kunstråd
28 70 39 89

Claus Falk Petersen
Chief Consultant, Struer Municipality
51 14 26 31

Thomas Maroti Antunes
Center Manager; Culture, Leisure and Local Areas, Struer Municipality
29 74 63 15

deadline: 1 September 2022 at 12.00
more info: //