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Stockholm Jail Calling


“PANOPTIKON: Of and for Sight”

The exhibition “PANOPTIKON: Of and for Sight” will take place at Långholmen Hotell & Restaurang’s courtyard in the former exercise yard in Stockholm, Sweden. Each artist receives a section to use as their exhibition space.
The artists will be given a guided tour of the prison museum with included accommodation in the former cells plus dinner. We will work based on the place and its history. We put great importance to the process being based on spending time with the place together and conducting a joint dialogue during the visit, where collective research will inspire the individual practice.

Panoptikon is Greek for “the all-seeing eye” and/or “of and for sight”.
During the 19th century two prison systems were designed as a result of the prison reform, the Philadelphia system and the Auburn system respectively. Within both of these systems, the architectural priciple Panoptikon was introduced, which made it possible for the prison guard to see all the prisoners from the central tower at the same time. At Långholmen Prison, a Panopticon was set up in the exercise yard.

Långholmen Prison held prisoners for almost 100 years within its walls between 1880-1975. When the prison was closed down in 1975, the state decided to demolish the so-called Central Prison out of concern that a negative history would live on, but preserved the Kronohäktet at the request of the Swedish National Archives and the Stockholm City Museum. Kronohäktet is the name of the building that the hotel is in today.

Långholmen in Stockholm

Us who arrange this exhibition will also exhibit and are all students at Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Mattias Andersson, Sara Ekholm Eriksson and Nicole Newsha Khadivi. We are now looking for four more artists for this project.

Application criteria:
– Portfolio (of least 3 works).
– A well-developed motivation for why this project interests you. If you want, you can present an idea for your artwork.
– You should be able to be on site in Stockholm on the 1st of February for a first meeting where the group gets a tour by a guide at Långholmens Hotell & Restaurang.
– You should be able to be on site during the overnight stay which will take place at the beginning of March, around week 10.
– You should be able to be on site during the installation period at the end of April.
– You should preferably be able to be on site in Stockholm during the exhibition.
– NOTE! All facades are “listed”, meaning protected against destruction/alteration by law due to cultural and historical importance, and therefore the works of art should be adapted to there restrictions.

We will cover all expenses for the one night hotel stay with dinner and guided tour + transport of works within Stockholm. If we get enough financial sponsors a retroactive symbolic compensation will be paid to all artists.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Sara, Nicole Newsha, Mattias

– Deadline 17 January 2021, 23:59
– The exhibition takes place (preliminary) on 1st – 15th May
– The application is sent to


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