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Our Terms


Our Terms for uploading a regular open call:

# Our prices mentioned above are exclusive VAT of 21%

# If you hit the “Submit” button* on the uploading pages and do not pay the required fee,  your open call will not reach us.

# When any problems occur during the upload of your data, please send us an email so we can help out a.s.a.p.

# Starting from the 28 of May 2018, the privacy law called GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, has gone into effect in the European Union. You can find our GDPR (AVG in Dutch) here (in Dutch). In short: we do not sell your data, we only use your data in order to post your information on our website and as such so we can be in touch with you if any questions arise from our side. By hitting the “submit” button you agree with our terms.

# If we receive too many complaints regarding your open call (misleading information or such) or if any malware is found on the URL you provided to go with your open call, we will remove your open call on our website and you will receive no refund. By hitting the “submit” button* you agree with our terms.

# By hitting the “submit” button* you give us the right to publish your stuff on the website, our facebook page and any other place we choose. You assure us that the stuff you post is yours and/or that you have permission to post it to this website. It does not automatically guarantee that your stuff will show up on this website. A team of editors checks all submissions before they are published and, if they do not like what they see, they will simply not post them. You are aware that your submitted material may be altered, edited, spell-checked, fluffed and/or re-written before it is posted to the website.



Our Terms for uploading a free ‘artist run’ open call:

same as mentioned above and…

Posting your open calls for free used to be more fun, but thanks to two Italian and two Swiss organizations we have some extra stipulations regarding the deposit, If you provided us with false information regarding your organization in terms of not receiving any funding, any sponsoring/partners (or how ever you want to call it)  or regarding asking the participants any fees (at any stage of the process), we will not, we repeat, we will NOT, post your open call on our website and even more funny; we will NOT reimburse you your deposit.

Your deposit will be transformed into an invoice of 25€ with the topic “we thank you for wasting our time and your own funds “.
We hope to start sending these out on a daily bases.

We only support artist run spaces, artist run galleries, art-zines,  artist run organizations, etc,  that

do not receive any funding (whatsoever).
do not have any sponsors, partners (whatsoever or how ever you want to call it).
do not ask for any funds, fees whatsoever in order to participate. (at any stage of the process).

Only if this is you, fill in the details below, pay the deposit (25€)
– and your open call will be put online within 1-4 working days.
– the deposit* (minus the transaction costs from our PSP) will be reimbursed a.s.a.p.
– the transaction costs are somewhat between 30cents and 3-5€ depending on how you paid.

Just to be clear: We don’t care if you are a non commercial or non profit organisation, so do not try to weasel your way out of it, being a cheap ass, for using that as an argument, please read #6 of our terms carefully, cause we mean business. Thank You 🙂




button*: The Submit button used to upload your open call on our website.