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Samira al-Khalil Prize

The Samira al-Khalil Prize

The Samira al-Khalil Prize is intended to reward, once a year, a woman whose practice and trajectory are in solidarity with the struggle to put an end to the infringement of fundamental rights and freedoms in the Arab and Mediterranean regions.

It will be awarded on International Women’s Rights Day, 8 March, in Paris, France.

Each year, the call for applications will highlight a specific practice in a diverse range of fields: arts, literature and defense of human rights (such as translation, painting, writing, activism, research, etc.).

Who can apply:

Applications are open to any woman of at least 18 years of age.

The winner of the Samira al-Khalil Prize will receive the sum of 5,000 euros. She will be publicized as widely as possible within the framework of the association’s activities. The laureate will also benefit, if she wishes, from facilitated access to feminist networks and possible training courses implemented by them.

deadline: 1 September 2022.
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