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AIR ‘Where are we Now?’

IKOB / Greylight Projects
Artist Residency, ‘Where are we Now?’

IKOB – Museum of Contemporary Art in Eupen, Belgium and Greylight Projects – platform for art and culture in Heerlen, The Netherlands are launching an open call for a residency of three months (September-November 2021). The residency takes place in the framework of the 2021 Very Contemporary project, a network between different art spaces and museums in the border region of the Euregio-Meuse-Rhine. Artists based in either the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany are invited to apply.

Guided by the open question ‘Where are we now?’, the residency will invite an artist to reflect on the particularities of the Euregio-Meuse-Rhine region. In 2019, Very Contemporary launched WONDERTOURS, a project aimed to bridge the distances between the different institutions by offering cycling routes between them.

The artist is invited to offer a new perspective on these routes, responding to the distances, landscapes or borders between the two institutions. The project may address or reflect themes such as sustainability, transcultural dialogue, cultural heritage or geopolitics specific to the region. The focus of the residency is on developing a work or project in the context mentioned above.

The organisers offer a fee of 2500  EUR, a production budget of maximum 1500 EUR, accommodation at Greylight Projects, and studio space.

deadline: August 8 2021
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