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Photomicrography Competition

Nikon Small World 2020
International Photomicrography competition

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Nikon Small World recently has announced the call for entries for its 2020 Photomicrography Competition inviting anyone with an interest in photography through the microscope to participate.

The Nikon Small World – Photomicrography Competition , regarded as the leading forum for showcasing the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope, recently has announced new call for entries for 2020, inviting anyone with an interest in photography through the microscope to participate.

Categories are:

• Nikon Small World
• Nikon Small World In Motion – encompasses any movie or digital time-lapse photography taken through the microscope and adds a new, distinct discipline to the competition.

Submission requirements:

• Each entrant may submit up to 3 images for judging.

• Photomicrographs must be taken using a light microscope, such as one of the Nikon series of microscopes. All types of light microscopy and specimens are acceptable. Electron and any other microscopes that do not capture imagery using optical light technology are not permitted. The use of Nikon equipment is not required.

• Images must be in jpeg, png, psd, or tiff format and videos in flv, mp4, mpg, wmv, avi, mov format. Please submit the highest quality image with regard to file size, bit depth, and resolution. For images on film, a 35mm mounted transparency will be accepted. Glass mounts are not accepted. Images awarded in other Photomicrography Competitions are not eligible.

Small World in Motion entries are further limited to:

• Movie length of no more than 60 seconds.
• The use of sound is not permitted.
• It is not permitted to add graphics of any kind.

Evaluation criteria:

• Originality
• Informational Content
• Technical Proficiency
• Artistic and Visual Impact

deadline: 30/04/2020 (deadline)
more info: