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Performance Festival Glasgow Calling


//BUZZCUT// Festival 2020
Call for Entries

//BUZZCUT// is looking for bold proposals from artists working in performance for their 2020 Festival, taking place on 29th/30th May at Tramway for the closing weekend of Take Me Somewhere Festival.

Between 2012 – 2017, //BUZZCUT// ran a pay what you can performance festival across the bars, galleries, shops and community centres across Glasgow. Founded with no funding, the festival was completely DIY and championed the values of grassroots community support, aiming to create a welcoming, friendly place for artists making raw and challenging work to experiment, and take genuine risks with their practises, and for audiences to encounter new forms and ideas in a supportive risk-embracing environment.

After a 3 year break the Festival will return on 29th – 30th May 2020, based at Tramway & the surrounding area, as part of the closing weekend of Take Me Somewhere Festival. The festival will bring together up to 15 artists for a 2 day celebration with good performance, good food and good chat.

We are looking for proposals to perform from artists working or interested in working in Live Art and contemporary performance. We understand these terms are difficult to define but we consider it as work which experiments with the possibilities of the live event. We have worked with artists whose work draws from theatre, visual art, dance, cabaret, club, music, activism, however there is always a commitment to exploring the various possibilities of live performance, pushing their forms to previously unexplored territory. As a general rule we don’t support bands / musicians without a highly unusual performative element to their work, new writing, plays, poetry or circus.

The festival is flexible in the contexts for different styles of performance which can include:

* Studio based performance work
* Performances for one audience member at a time / small audiences
* Durational actions
* Site responsive / Outdoor performance
* Contemporary ritual
* Club performance
* Public Intervention
* Participatory performance
* Walking performance

* £300 performance fee
* Travel, accommodation & food
* Seeing all of the other work at the festival for free including Take Me Somewhere shows on the BUZZCUT weekend
* Limited tech support
* Documentation
* Accessibility support for audiences & provision to support your own access needs

For further information, please contact (Karl taylor), or call +447834751536

deadline: 01 March 2020 at 23:55
more info: