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Open Call for Projects

Open Call for Projects

The Oulu2026 organisation is offering an opportunity in autumn 2022 for partners to become part of the capital of culture programme. The autumn 2022 open call is specifically aimed at large-scale projects that take several years to prepare or carry out. The call for applications for individual, communal projects will be announced nearer 2026.

The goal of the Oulu2026 cultural programme is to achieve a permanent cultural climate change and a positive development fuelled by culture in Northern Finland. Naturally, the operative focus of the projects is on the capital of culture year 2026 but they may be launched earlier.

The projects are expected to deliver a European dimension through, for example, involving international cooperation partners.

The call is open for Finnish and international actors. Funding may be applied for by private individuals, groups, associations, networks, businesses, organisations, and public institutions.

The autumn 2022 open call is aimed at projects related to the main themes Wild City, Cool Contrasts, and Brave Hinterland. The project must be linked to one or several of the three main themes. Focus areas relevant to the themes include art and technology, the cultural history within the Oulu2026 region, creative spaces and places, regional food culture, combining nature and art, festival development, the promotion of minority cultures, and a sustainable future.

As a rule, the funding awarded will cover up to approximately 50% of the total budget. The application must include a budget for the project. The self-financing may be obtained through, for example, sales or fees, grants and sponsorship. The remaining funding may also include salaries and voluntary work.

deadline:  9 December 2022
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