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DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME – permanently practising
OPEN CALL for six fellowships in 2019 and 2020

The Development Programme offers the context of Kunsthal Gent – an experimental intersection for contemporary art, located in a 13th century monastery in the centre of Ghent – as a workspace and an opportunity for the development of artistic practice.

Six artists, collectives, small organisations or collaboration initiatives per year are offered a Development Fellowship of up to 3 months: a period of research and development, tailored with and around each selected participant, supported by a team of collaborators and invited guests. Participants are challenged to leave their mark on Kunsthal Gent’s public programme (running parallel to the exhibition programme) in experimental ways. There is a budget of maximum € 5.000 available for each fellowship.

The underlying ambition of Kunsthal Gent is to grow a network of participants, connected organisations and experts that will be beneficial beyond the fellowship period and provide a stimulus for the wider (local) arts community.

deadline: Sunday June 2, 2019
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