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Globus’ Int’l Collaboration Fund

Nordic Culture Fund
Open Call for ‘Globus’ International Collaboration Fund

The Nordic Culture Fund’s new programme Globus aims to encourage artists and cultural actors to engage in wide transnational collaborations and long-term networks that extend beyond the Nordic region. The ambition is to meet the increasing need for artists to act across borders and to foster genuine exchange in complex and rapidly changing global environments. Funding within the Globus programme can be applied for through annual calls.

Strengthening and maintaining the transnational character of art and culture is more important than ever but also requires new and more nuanced approaches in an increasingly turbulent and unstable world. Rising inequalities, geopolitical conflicts and the escalating climate crisis are among the overarching challenges shaping global interaction. These trends directly impact the arts and the cultural sector, challenging but also offering the arts and culture the opportunity to take on a transformative role, to see beyond established categories and to create and maintain connections across diverse contexts.

The Globus programme will support artistic and cultural collaborations and projects that aim in their practice to transcend cultural, social, historical, geographical and disciplinary boundaries. The programme hereby encourages the building of cross-cutting collaborations and networks, which seek new perspectives through transcultural and local exchange and develop dialogue across different contexts. The programme is open to projects that work experimentally in its approaches and methods, and strive to explore interactions between the local and the global. The intention is to meet artists where they are and support them with trust and willingness to take risks.

Projects must be grounded in artistic and/or cultural practices but are welcome to include other professional fields and traditions. Grants up to 700,000 DKK (~94,000 EUR) can be applied for and awarded through the programme.

deadline: 3 October 2022
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