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Musician Bootcamp

The Midem Artist Accelerator is an exclusive bootcamp for artists and their entourages.

Designed to support managers, agents, labels and publishers as they look to grow their artists’ profiles globally. It’s a unique opportunity to access Midem business expertise in export and innovative solutions.

Each year, 11 promising artists picked by an elite Artistic Committee all:

Get to play live on the beautiful beach of Cannes
Benefit from a tailored 360 degrees programme onsite with key players from the global music community including:

– Entry to selected conferences

– Learning and coaching sessions with industry mentors

– Networking opportunities

Selection Criteria
Be 18 years old or over;
Be an individual artist or a band;
Have a dedicated professional supporting team (manager, label, agent etc.);
Demonstrate media coverage and a solid presence on social networks;
Have a recording or publishing deal;
Have a minimum of 5 official live performances booked between 2018 – 2019;
Present a career development strategy (including export) with concrete short and long term objectives.

deadline: 25 January 2019
more info: here