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Music, Sound and AV Art Call


Beyond Quantum Music
Music, Sound and Audio-visual Art Call

Beyond Quantum Music is an international project co-financed by Creative Europe that aims to explore connections between visual arts, music, and quantum physics by means of artistic experimentation, resulting in live performances and other types of interactions with European audiences. The project presents quantum physics and the quantum world to a wider audience and contributes to the creation of a new music genre: Quantum Music.

Everything in the universe vibrates: light, sound, every atom or quantum particle. There are inherent analogies between quantum systems and acoustics. Quantum entities oscillate at frequencies far beyond the audible range, in a medium that is not mechanical in the classical sense; hence one can not speak directly of quantum sound, but only of analogies that clearly point to a connection between the worlds still beyond the reach of contemporary science.

Quantum Acoustics originates from the famous experiment with Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC). BEC is the state of matter in which a phenomenon of the unification of a vast number of separate quantum systems occurs: quantum particles actually become One Quantum Entity, the so-called fifth state of the matter. BEC is capable of producing mechanical vibration in the human hearing range, creating the miracle of sound. This is the only point within the quantum physics’ wonder space that interacts so directly with our reality.

The experiment described above and artistic expression that can evolve from it and other quantum phenomena are in the focus of this open call. We want to prompt the artists interested in this topic to think, explore and create art works inspired by and related to quantum physics, through the use of the state-of-art technology that fosters creative communication with this distant world.

We are looking for adventurous artists to explore the deeper meaning of the universe through the quantum physics phenomena. This call welcomes submissions for any kind of digital art, sound installations, video works, as well as music that connects analog and/or acoustic instruments with the digital ones, the old and new sound worlds. We are looking for artistic creations with immersive, audio-visual focus, exploring the possibilities of the quantum synthesizer and / or the quantum sound bank. This can be either in form of a (live) performance, an installation or a combination of both.

In order to enable initial sound creation that corelate with sound propagation within BEC, we offer the original software instrument called Quantum Oscillator as an optional starting point for further artistic exploration. This MaxMSP based instrument is designed for use in in Ableton Live, which is further explained in the Quantum Oscillator part of this Open Call (see below). For a deeper understanding of the physical nature of BEC acoustic properties, as well as the way Quantum Oscillator works, we strongly recommend reading the article “Synthesis and Analysis of Sounds Developed from the Bose-Einstein Condensate: Theory and Experimental Results”.

All selected works will be presented as part of the touring Beyond Quantum Music festival, which will be performed in several European cities and festivals during the 2021/22 season (Linz, The Hague, Hannover, Belgrade).

What types of works are we looking for?
Immersive Sound and New Media- (audio visual performance, sonic sculpture, intermedia / video / film soundtracks, installations, soundspace projects, radio works, net-music, generative musics, etc.)
Live music performance connected with quantum physics
Electronica- as in Dub, Techno, Microsound, Ambient, Global, Minimal, HipHop, Jazz, Noise, Downtempo, Drum’n Bass, Mondo/Exotica, digital DJ-culture, Mash-ups, Music videos, Glitch, Plunderphonics etc.
Computer compositions (algorithmic, acousmatic and experimental), analog and electro-acoustic methodologies, the use of voices and acoustic or amplified instruments are allowed as well.
The work must have been created, realized or significantly updated within the last two years.

What do we offer?

Artist Fees
Production budget
Travel and accommodation costs for at least one performance (if the work is selected for multiple performances)
Extensive communication and presentation of the selected projects

Who can submit an entry?
Participants may be individuals, groups, institutions, companies etc.
International participation is encouraged.
Exclusively commercially oriented activities in the sense of product advertisement are excluded.

deadline: 10 July 2020
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