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Tezuka Manga Contest
Call for Artists

Tezuka Manga Contest is a manga award for new artists held twice a year, recently opened for entries, established by “Shonen Jump” by Shueisha publisher since 1971, with the aim of finding new talents, This competition is established by “Shonen Jump” by Shueisha publisher since 1971 with the aim of finding new talents.

The Prize is named after Osamu Tezuka who was a pioneer in manga history after the war. Many professional manga artists who still work this day, were found through this award. For it’s 100th anniversary, organiser is going to look for wonderful talents around the world. They will look for artwork that will be the future of “Jump”!


– You may submit manga in any genre. It must be a story completed in one issue that is original with up to 55 pages.
– Manuscript need to be readed horizontaly, open to the right, monochrome only. Only completed manuscript are accepted.
– The size is not specified
– Resolution of 600dpi or more is recommended. Winners may be asked to make a version that is 600dpi or more with a specified size.
– Text need to be in English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional) or Korean only

– The 2 works can be submitted per person.
– You may submit works that you previously uploaded in a different website.

The award ceremony will be held at a hotel in Tokyo in mid December of 2020.

There is no entry fee to participate!

Tezuka Manga Contest is open to manga artists from around the world. Entrants may enter as a team.

The 1st prize winnerwill receive 2 million Yen (approx. 18,585 USD), will be published on “Weekly Shonen Jump” (paper or electronic) and invited to the award ceremony in Tokyo.

deadline: 01/09/2020
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