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Residency Call France

Maison Artagon
Residency Call

Young artists’ and cultural professionals’ period of emergence and early career can be characterised by a frenzy of activities and projects, which can lead to mental overload and an inhability to move forward.

Unlike a production and realisation-oriented residency with an expectation of results, Maison Artagon is instead a place for reflection, thinking and exploration. It also aims at allowing residents to take a break in a rejuvenating environment.

For variable periods ranging from two weeks to three months, depending on their needs, Maison Artagon welcomes artists, scholars, professionals, collectives and structures working in every fields of contemporary creation (visual arts, design, architecture, writing, publishing, music, performance, dance, theatre, cinema, cooking, fashion, etc.) who are looking for a privileged space to advance their projects and work on their research, with the
tailor-made support of the Artagon team.

For example, it can mean conducting a specific research, reading, watching films, writing a text, a script or a play, designing an exhibition, carrying out the post-production phase of a film, working on a new sound composition or a performance, updating one’s documentation, or putting together dossiers to apply to calls for projects.

The house and its location
Located in the commune of Vitry-aux-Loges in the Loiret region, less than 2 hours from Paris by car or train, Maison Artagon is housed in a 19th century building of approximately 300 m2. In the heart of a two-hectare wooded park, it is located in the immediate vicinity of the forest and the canal d’Orléans.
The commune of Vitry-aux-Loges has all the essential services on site (food shops, healthcare, bank, post office and a few shops),
accessible on foot, by bike, by car or by bus. The house is 25 minutes away from Orléans train station by car.

Mode of operation
Artagon publishes several calls for applications per year, for the Spring, the Summer, the Fall and
the Winter seasons.

This call concerns :
★ Winter 2023 season, from 3 January to
26 March.
★ Spring-summer 2023 season, from 27
March to 30 July.

Artists, researchers and professionals wishing to stay at Maison Artagon and responding to this call may apply for one or both seasons. They may
apply for the duration of their choice, for a period of two to four weeks. This duration may be discussed with the Artagon team and refined
according to the needs of the different residents and availability of the rooms.
Modalities for the residents As Maison Artagon is a place dedicated to research, design and exploration, the residents
are under no obligation to produce results. It is a period dedicated solely to free experimentation.
In consultation with the residents, and in order to accompany them in their reflections, artists, thinkers, professionals and inspiring figures, both French and international, will be regularly invited to meet with them, on site or by videoconference, depending on the research
and practices that will be carried out within Maison Artagon.

In accordance with the values defended by Artagon, the residents will be able, according to their interests, to meet with various local
publics during their stay, in order to share their research with them, to create conversation and to bring out mutual inspiration. The public
could be composed of students, social structures, local residents, rural actors, etc. Artagon bears the cost of accommodation and all associated charges (water, electricity, Internet, etc.).

Residents are responsible for their own daily expenses: transport to and from Maison Artagon, travel, food, etc.

There is no provision for remuneration, per diem, research or production grants.

deadline: 13 December, 2022
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