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Looking for contributors

Off the Record
looking for contributors

We Need You! Off the Record is expanding, and is currently looking for contributors. Get in Touch!

Off the Record is a growing media platform based in Scotland which focuses on producing a variety of engaging content across various topics and genres. We are currently looking to bring on board some additional contributors who are passionate about writing and want a place to put it. At Off the Record we cover it all really, and the best part is that we are still expanding, so if you want to write about something and we don’t currently cover that topic then feel free to get in touch anyway and we would be happy to create a whole new section for you.

Assuming you would like to contribute then you’ll be happy to know that there are very little constraints, we don’t focus on any specific genres, views or geographical locations. Instead it is our aim to grow as our contributor base grows, and to support creativity when ever and where ever we can. This basically means that you can write about pretty much anything, from pretty much anywhere. This can include local events in your area.

Before you do get in touch I do need to add that you would be contributing on a voluntary basis, no one who contributes to Off the Record earns money from the site. In the near future we do hope to gain money from ad revenue as well as other sources but until we earn enough money to offset the cost of running the site no one will be paid for their contributions. If you are okay with that, and want to have your work published on the site then feel free to get in touch.

So if that all sounds fine, then you can email us at When emailing, address it to Thomas Neil, with the subject line ‘Interested in Contributing’ and provide a sample of your writing, a little bit about yourself including what you’d like to write about for the site and if you have one feel free to send over a CV.

For further information, please contact (Thomas Neil)

deadline: 01 January 2021 at 09:00
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