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Lifeguard tower Idea Call

‘Lifeguard tower’ Calls For Ideas
Call for Entries

Contests AG360 is pleased to announce its new idea international contest “Lifeguard tower” Calls For Ideas, welcome all architects and architecture students from Latin America and Europe.

It is well known that safety is your most important issue among populations in large and small cities, and more so in tourist areas, where it houses people from all over the world, who do not necessarily know every road they cross.

With this reasoning organizer want to propose an architectural element, easy to identify, with alight and removable structure and considerable height that allows you to have a clear vision of the proposed environment and help to reduce the insecurity in the area. It is intended to be replicable in massive events such as beaches, parks and squares.


All the Architects and Architecture Students of the World are invited to participate.

➜ A high confinement project (lifeguard tower) will be conceptualized as an architectural element that, with its visual art, will become reference points for tourist cities, adding value to the natural and urban environment.
➜ The lifeguard tower will serve as a watchtower on beaches for lifeguards and will have a first aid area and a tourist information pavilion on the ground floor. The same prototype could be replicated in parks, urban squares and massive events such as concerts or sporting events.
➜ Lighting will play a very important role in the design, since these elements on the horizon will become points of attraction for the context where they are located.
➜ All the architectural elements must be framed in a sustainable environment.

The contestant may suggest the location of the Lifeguard Tower, sites may be combined or focus on only one: beaches, parks or squares, however its form and function should serve for the 3 types of locations.

The program:

The following architectural program is a guide to the elements that should contain the same, but the size and quantities can be modified or changed by the participant as long as the proposal is justified in function and form of the proposed building.

● Surveillance space (for 2 persons, 2 computer, Lockers and Sanitary need to be private)
● First Aid (for 2 persons, medical shelf for a specialist use, temporary shelter for 5 persons)
● Tourist point (information kiosk situated on the first ground)
● Services (public service need to contain water to drink, electric charging point, emergency number, Internet Wifi)

➜ Spaces can be combined but cannot exceed 25m2 covered.
➜ The height can be increased depending on the location but it cannot exceed 7.5m maximum height.
➜ The proposed construction system can be dismantled at any time.
➜ It must be able to generate its own energy in a self-sustainable way.


The delivery will consist of 2 digital images (A and B) in horizontal format (488mm x 336mm), saved in JPG, 8MB max. per image. The presentation technique will be absolutely free, at the discretion of the designer.

➜ CONCEPT: Sketch, diagrams or graphics explaining the concept of the project and the operating options.
➜ PLANT OR PLANTS: Showing the entire project and its location.
➜ CUT: Prototype cut.

➜ PERSPECTIVES: Exterior views of the complex.
➜ CONSTRUCTION: Explanatory development of the construction system.
➜ SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainable proposal of the prototype.

The following prizes will be awarded:

➜ 1sr prize winner – US $2,500 + Exhibition and diffusion in the main architecture sites worldwide + Virtual booklet of the best proposals.
➜ 3 HONORABLE MENTIONS + Exhibition and diffusion in the main architecture


fee: Entry fee depends on the registration period and starts from US $52 if you register before Special Registration period endes (20 April – 22 May).

deadline: 20/08/2020
more info: //