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Residency Call Oberhausen

Kunsthaus Mitte in Oberhausen  
Call for applications Residency

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The Kunsthaus Mitte in Oberhausen is a central location of Oberhausen’s art and culture scene. The transdisciplinary orientation of the house opens up freedom for artists and practice-oriented scientists of all disciplines to (further) develop their own work and research projects. At the same time, the house is an important meeting and interaction space for all citizens of the city. The residency program therefore explicitly promotes the interlinking of artistic practice, education and science as well as active interventions with the institutions, associations and residents of Oberhausen. This thematic focus of the program results from the self-image of being an artistic and cultural platform for urban society.

Application requirements 

Professionally working artists and/or artist groups and scientists from the fields of performing arts, fine arts, music, film, literature, practice-oriented science, research and education residing in NRW can apply. The residency program was created to promote work at the interface between art and society. The Kunsthaus Mitte in Oberhausen is therefore particularly interested in city-specific projects with a longer-term effect.

There is no age limit. There is a residency obligation for the duration of the residency program at the Kunsthaus Mitte. Students are excluded.

Residency formats and duration

Two different residency formats are advertised:

+ One-month residencies designed for projects whose  orientation has not yet been formulated. In this context, for example, research, working sketches or experimental approaches can be pursued.

+ Two-month residencies are planned for the realization of more extensive projects. The targeted implementation ideally ends with a public exhibition, presentation, performance or other artistic actions.

The programs differ not only in the duration but also in the scope of the financial support.

The one-month artist residency includes the following services:

– a furnished living/working studio

– a grant of €1,000

– Travel allowance of 200€

The two-month artist residency includes the following services:

– a furnished living/working studio

– a grant of €2,500

– a reimbursement of material costs up to 500€

– Travel allowance of 200€

In your application, please state the preferred duration of the residency (one or two months) and at least one period as a preference.

The Kunsthaus Mitte supports all residents in their work processes and promotes artistic exchange with other users of the building, municipal institutions and the citizens of the city.

program period

June 2022 – March 2023

application time

It is an open application process. Applications are now open.

If all scholarships have been awarded, we will inform you immediately here.

application process

The following documents are required for the selection process:

+ Exposé of the planned project (max. two A4 pages)
+ Portfolio of previous work or projects
+ Artistic/scientific CV
+ Information on the preferred period and length of residence

It is a two-stage process that is accompanied by an external jury.

deadline: 31. December 2022
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