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JOB: sound art lecturer

The Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Fine Arts (Denmark)
is looking for a lecturer in sound art

The Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Visual Arts is looking for an associate professor specializing in sound art for the Laboratory for Sound.

We are looking for a professional visual artist with a significant practice within sound art and with a desire to teach at the Visual Arts School’s Laboratory for sound.

The laboratory for sound is affiliated with the Media Art superlaboratory, which is one of the three superlaboratories of the Schools of Visual Arts. In addition to sound, the media arts superlaboratory houses the Laboratory for Video and the Laboratory for Photography.

As associate professor in sound art, you have daily responsibility for the Laboratory for Sound, including the technical maintenance of the laboratory’s equipment. In addition, based on the laboratory’s technical possibilities, you must be responsible for the Visual Arts Schools’ specialized teaching and guidance in sound art, sound and audio-based visual artistic practices. The lecturer at the Sound Laboratory guides the students in their own artistic practice within the area and in the artistic, practical and technical possibilities the area contains. As an associate professor, you plan and implement ongoing courses for both the BFA and MFA programs at the laboratory. Courses for the BFA degree are planned in collaboration with the head of studies for the BFA degree.

The position is a lecturer position with research in the form of KUV (artistic development company). As associate professor and responsible for the Laboratory for Sound, you are part of the Faculty of Visual Arts. In addition to your own teaching and guidance, it is expected that you, in collaboration with the School of Fine Arts’ other faculty and the head of the super laboratory, help to develop the area academically and artistically through your teaching and your artistic development work. It is also expected that you want to participate in the academy’s various councils and boards and thereby contribute to the academy’s development. Furthermore, it is expected that you regularly participate in the admission of new students and other professional tasks.


Teaching and guidance of students
Planning teaching and holding courses
Technical maintenance of the laboratory and the laboratory’s equipment
Participation in faculty and laboratory meetings, committee work and participation in collegial councils and boards
Censorship, assessment and evaluation tasks
Research in the form of artistic development activities (KUV)
Professional qualifications

It is expected that the applicant has a visual arts or equivalent education
Documented professional artistic practice at the highest level
Documented teaching experience from higher artistic education
Articulated knowledge of teaching, pedagogy and own role in the teaching context.
In-depth knowledge of Danish and international contemporary art and theories with a particular focus on sound art and audio-based visual artistic practices.
Technical knowledge of and experience with working with sound and audio equipment
Good collaboration skills
The applicant must be able to teach in Danish or another Nordic language and English.

Terms of employment
The position is filled for a period of 6 years. The position is a part-time position and the weekly working hours are 22 hours.
Employment as an associate professor takes place according to the agreement between the Ministry of Taxation and a number of academic organizations for academics in the state (Academic Agreement).

Written application must be received by the School of Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts no later than 08 December 2022 at 00:00.
The application is sent via the link below.

The application must contain:

An account of the applicant’s knowledge of contemporary discourses and working methods with significance for audio-based visual artistic practices
Documentation of visual arts and exhibition activities (portfolio and CV)
Applicant’s considerations and ambitions for education and development of the subject area
Documentation for the applicant’s educational qualifications and teaching experience
Employment procedure

Processing of applications takes place in accordance with the executive order on the employment of artistic/scientific staff at certain educational institutions under the Ministry of Culture. The process is expected to take 3 – 6 months, and employment will take place as soon as possible thereafter.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Principal Lars Bent Petersen at  You can read more about the Art Academy’s Art Schools at

The Academy of Arts wishes to reflect the diversity of the surrounding society and therefore invites all qualified persons regardless of age, gender, race, religion or ethnic affiliation to apply for the position.

deadline:  08-12-2022
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