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Int’l Art Prize

YICCA 2020/21
International Art Prize

YICCA International Art Prize is a visual arts competitionĀ open to all artists or groups of artists and professionals from any country. There is an entry fee payable with cash prizes and a final exhibition in January 2021 atĀ the Centro Culturale Milan.

All kinds of art works are accepted, including video, installations and performances.
All works will be presented by a picture or a video that must be followed by a description of the work.
All works must be available for the final exhibition and have to be artist’s property.

From the final 18 artists participating in the exhibition will be announced first and second ranked who will win a prize of 3000 (three thousand/00) and 1000 (one thousand/00) euro.

The minimum cost of entry is 45 EUROS for one artwork. Higher fees are payable to enter up to 6 works.

YICCA is organised by an association based in Milan.

deadline: 30 October 2020
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