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Int’l Art Competition Call


International Open Art Competition

Art Olympia is an open art competition held as a biennial event with the goal of discovering talented artists from around the world and supporting their art activities. Approximately 160 artworks (80 from Japan and 80 worldwide) will be selected and undergo a final review in Tokyo by a panel of esteemed judges invited from around the world. In addition, 1,000 artists will be honored.

Art Olympia is implemented focusing on the three concepts of HUB, Excavation and Practice.

HUB …Discover talented artists and direct them to where they might have more potential

While many artists are probably working in their own country, there may be potential for some of them to be more recognized abroad rather than in their own countries.
We act as a hub for discovering such artists and directing them to where they might have more potential.

Excavation …Discover artists with potential to be recognized internationally

Art Olympia invites entries by the public from around the world, and invites art experts to serve on the jury from within Japan and abroad.
With a jury from various fields in the art world, we aim to discover artists who can work on a global scale.

Practice…Creation of new art for the next generation by international artists

Our ultimate goal is “to create new art for the next generation by international artists.”

At “Art Olympia,” our utmost pleasure would be to help artists to advance overseas, expand cultural exchanges between them, and create new art for the next generation through mutual cooperation.

Features of “Art Olympia”

1) Invite entries from around the world. We are inviting entries from two hubs, one in Tokyo (for works from within Japan) and the other outside of Japan. Approx. total of 160 works, the top 80 each from the Tokyo hub and the overseas hub, will be selected as the finalists.

2) Judging by international art experts in the art world. The jury is invited from Japan, the USA, France and other countries to make the final review. It will be one of the few opportunities to have your works reviewed by art experts in the art world from abroad.

3) Fair and transparent judging, We invite and accept entries from the public only, and the jury uses a points system to shortlist the works.

4) Numerous awards. Awards for approx. 1,000 people, including the First prize money of 12 million yen (equivalent to $120,000). These awards are designed to support the artists.

5) Support of young artists. We have a Student category geared toward discovering talented young artists. Students will be entered in both “All-Entrants category” and “Student category.”

Entry Categories
We have an “Open category” as well as an “Student category” aimed at supporting young artists. Students will automatically be entered in both “Open category” and “Student category.”

Fair and transparent judging

The judging method is based on a points system, whereby the works will be assessed according to the total points they acquire from each judge. After the final review is made, we will publish the scores given to the award winners.  ・Assessment by international jury members

At the final stage of the judging, art experts invited from each of our hubs will assess the works. It is a unique opportunity to have art experts from Japan and overseas review your works. We aim to carry out international and multilateral assessment.

deadline: 15/3/2019
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