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Instruction Based Art Call

La Raum
Artist call for instruction based art

La Raum is an artist run projectspace and exhibition project that uses several narrative levels, lines of investigation and research strands to investigate how art contributes to making sense of the world. We offer a space for artistic and curatorial experiments and research. We collaborate with artists, curators, researchers and other art spaces.

La Raum is searching for instruction based art which refers to the ways how people deal with the borders, limits and possibilities which they encounter in the state of ordered lockdown and physical distancing. What are the things you can do in public or at home? Can you leave messages to neighbors, do performances on your way to the supermarket? How can we connect to people in everyday life with the physical distance of 1,5 m (6 feet)?

We are looking forward to all kinds of different instructions (from very minimalistic ones to more expressive or interactive ones) for people to embody. In this way we hope that many people exchange experiences of all kind and come into action to reconnect to their bodies and to one another. Hopefully this will become a rich archive of artistic expression of the different experiences people have around the world. The instructions and documentations will be shown in an online exhibition and in a series of physical exhibitions in Berlin and elsewhere.

online exhibition
The instructions will be shown on the website of La Raum (together with your name, cv, artist statement). We select some of the instructions and let them be performed by different people and document this. We also encourage people from all around the world to perform your instructions and send us a documentations about it. The documentation of the performed instructions will then be posted on the website (linked to your cv and artist statement).

physical exhibition
In the physical exhibition we will print out the instructions (DINA4) and show it on a wall in our show room (together with your name, country, date of posting). In the exhibition people can engage with the material and perform it. We also hope that the exhibition will take part in other places around the world.

how to participate

Send 1 instruction as plain email or as a textfile (.txt, .doc, .pdf), with a brief cv/ artist statement/ location to

You can also send a film, an image, a sound file as link for download or via wetransfer. (Please don’t send them per email)

*There is no end date. This is a running call with open end. The physical exhibition ‘instructions Volume 1’ will be be held end of May. (Others will follow as long as this call is online)

.* There is no participation fee! Not now, not later! We think artist should be paid to provide work not pay to be shown! But as ‘La Raum’ is an artist run projectspace we unfortunately cannot provide any artist fee for your participation in the exhibition. We try to get some funding that we can hopefully invite some of you in future or print a catalogue later.

deadline:  31/12/2020
more info: //