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All over the web you can find websites with tons of open calls.
Some show the same open calls, some overlap, other open calls are hardly found.

Since June 2011 we search for Open Calls ,we handpick, filter and post them.
is run by: Jonathan den Breejen
is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. (CET)

We are still  looking for Editors to keep this website updated on a frequent level
write us an email if you’re interested !

We hope you find what you need !
Update June 2020


Since 2011 I have been maintaining this website with great pleasure, spending hours on filling the database.
I truly hope that I helped you guys out.

It would be great if you could return the favor by making a small donation. Your support is highly appreciated.

2020 Donations so far, 110 Euro

by: Z. Malekian, P.Hoijmakers, C. Gardumi, S. Vogt ,
C. Jindal & Frida Sh Ibsen

THANKS to all!

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