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Material Innovation Design Award

Material Application Innovation Design Award 2022

Huafon Material Application Innovation Design Award has been recently opened for entries, calling for the participation of talented designers and passionate amateurs domestically and worldwide, with the goal of collecting innovative ideas of young designers as well as forward thinking and diversified design works of products application.

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Huafon Material Application Innovation Design Award has been recently initiated and hosted jointly by Huafon Group and the international competition platform, Young Bird Plan , invites all the talented professional designers and passionate amateur artists worldwide.

By collecting innovative ideas of young designers, forward thinking and diversified design works of products application, the competition aims at encouraging the product research and development to extend to a broader field of innovative materials application through creative designs.

It also showcases Huafon Group’s brand concept, corporate identity and the characteristics of products. The design works shall present Huafon Group’s core value – united goal, business with general interest, benefit all, develop together, as well as its brand concept – innovation, quality, green and sharing.

In manufacturing industry, there are many “hidden champion” companies or specialized new enterprises, which focus on specific new material as well as process technology in the production. The innovation and ingenuity of these enterprises enabled the brand owners and designers to create unique and highly competitive new products in the market, which have continuously driven the innovation and growth in the value chain.

In the field of new materials, the reform of materials boosts the innovation in design. Good materials can help designers to create practical and aesthetic products and lead new design trends. A smart selection of materials in a matching application enables the public to enjoy a diversified lifestyle to seek for new wonder and happiness. It is very important to have the right new materials to support various novel designs.

Innovation is a powerful engine for Huafon Group’s development. Over the past 30 years, as a Top 500 Chinese enterprise with focus on chemical engineering new materials, Huafon Group has accelerated research and development of innovative products in the fields of new materials, new energy and energy saving environmental protection. With the forward thinking technologies and basic research, it consistently leads the chemical engineering industry and expands into world class good quality field of new materials by highly effective use of resources and sustainable development.

Huafon Group, based on the same values as the clients of the industry chain, strives for helping the successful innovation of its partners. Huafon Group specializes in quality, differentiated, lightweight and green products that include PU system, PU resin, Spandex, Microfiber, TPU, Nylon 66 chips, Adipic acid, Cyclohexanone, Polyester polyol, Aluminum foil materials, etc. The question is how to innovatively apply materials to the design? Building upon the motto “New Materials New Life”, Huafon Group strives to provide the best solution. The competition includes three categories: Footwear, Apparel and Comprehensive. With the theme of “New Materials New Life”, the design can be created in combination with Huafon Group’s materials and presents Huafon’s culture, value and the characteristics of products. The talented designers are encouraged to combine the deep understanding of material and process with the design and to submit unique and original design works.

This competition aims at calling for the participation of talented designers and passionate amateurs domestically and worldwide. With the goal of collecting innovative ideas of young designers as well as forward thinking and diversified design works of products application, the competition aims at encouraging the research and development and extending a wider field for innovative materials application through the design. It also showcases Huafon Group’s brand concept, DNA and the characteristics of products.

The Competition is open to professionals, students and amateurs with a background in design and art for free. There is no limit on nationality and age. Entrants may participate as individuals or in groups. However, each group shall not exceed 5 persons.


➜ The design proposal should be presented on no less than 3 sheets of A2 vertical drawings (a maximum of 5), which should be clear and readable (with a margin of 10mm), including:

– Short description: No more than 1,200 words, with details about the materials and technical processes used;
– Registration number: Located on the upper right corner of the drawing and set in 20 point Arial font. – Drawings should include elevation, axonometric, renderings, detail drawing, model drawing or exploded views.

– Drawings can be submitted in JPG format (no larger than 10MB for each sheet).
– The proposal’s title shall be as simple as possible.
– The submitted proposal shall be in English or bilingual (English and Chinese).
– The cover, which is the key visual image of your design work, must be uploaded as 1045×654 pixel, 72 dpi, less than 2MB.


1. It shall comply with Huafon’s brand culture and value.

– Vision: Become a leading global partner of new materials
– Mission: New materials, new life
– Core value: Common goal, Common business, Common benefit, Common development
– Brand concept: Innovation, quality, green and sharing

2. Innovative application of materials. It can combine the design with Huafon’s products and fully presents the characteristics of Huafon’s materials.
3. Practical, aesthetic and reasonable color matching. It shall meet the needs of the material application markets. It shall reveal a modern lifestyle and a contemporary fashion.
4. The design shall take the materials and process cost into consideration, and it should be capable of manufacturing. Top 3 is given the chance of prototype for work and exhibition offline.
5. Health, environmental protection and sustainability must be taken into consideration.

fee: none
: 25 Jul 2022
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