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The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation
Artist Residency Program

The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico is a private,  non-profit, educational and charitable organization committed to supporting the arts.

Founded in 1954, the HWF manages one of the oldest artist residency programs in the USA. The Foundation’s mission is to “Support the artist and the creative process” and serves as a haven for visual artists, literary artists and music composers.

The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation is located on fifteen acres in the heart of Taos, New Mexico, a multicultural community renowned for its popularity with artists.

About Helene:

Helene Wurlitzer has remained an enigma to many for over half a century, due in great part to the fact that she chose to remain anonymous, and that her many philanthropic works, which contributed to the betterment of humanity, be kept private.

So who was Helene Wurlitzer, and how did she end up in Taos, New Mexico? When did she establish the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico, and for what purpose? Who has benefited from her Foundation, and who continues to benefit?

As part of our 2021 capital campaign we will answer these questions, and break the enigma surrounding the HWF, as we invite you to Meet Helene.

Artist Residency Program
The Foundation offers three months of rent-free and utility-paid housing to people who specialize in the creative arts. Our eleven artist casitas, or guest houses, are fully furnished and provide residents with a peaceful setting in which to pursue their creative endeavors.

The Foundation accepts applications from painters, poets, sculptors, writers, playwrights, screenwriters, composers, photographers, and filmmakers of national and international origin.

Applications are reviewed by a selection committee consisting of professionals who specialize in the artistic discipline of the applicant. Numerous jurors serve on committees for each: visual arts, music composers, writers, poets, playwrights, and filmmakers. Jurors, who know nothing about the artist’s demographics, score in five categories based purely on the merit of the applicant’s creative work samples.

Artists in residence have no imposed expectations, quotas, or requirements during their stay on the HWF campus. The HWF’s residency program provides artists with the time and space to create, which in turn enriches the artistic community and culture locally and abroad.

application fee:
Yes : 25$

deadline: 18 January 2023
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