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Graphic design competition


Golden Turtle 2020
ECO Posters – Graphic design competition

Golden Turtle 2020 – ECO Posters is now open for entries!
CALL FOR ENTRY: Poster Competition 2020 hosted by The Golden Turtle International Wildlife Festival, the largest international cultural and ecological event in Russia celebrating the beauty of the wildlife invies authors around the world to enter and take a part.The enrollment for the Golden Turtle 2020 – ECO Poster Competition has been officially opened and authors around the world are invited to enter their best work.

Golden Turtle is the largest international cultural and ecological event in Russia, dedicated to celebrating the beauty of the wildlife.

There is a following categories:

• Ecological problems – Posters depicting a free choice of topics on the problems of environment preservation. The nature and impact of anthropogenic factor (both negative and positive), or any other topic reflecting the interaction of humans and environment.

• Conservation of wild nature – Posters on the topics of wildlife and its conservation. Reflecting the beauty of our planet and wildlife through the means of graphic design.

Technical requirements:

• The image format shall be JPEG;
• The dimensions shall be 2,000 pixels horizontally for horizontal works, 2,000 pixels vertically for vertical works. The file size shall be no more than 1 MB.

To participate in the competition, the author shall provide the idea behind the project (goals, issues, social importance) containing no less than a 500 symbols.

Additional Requirements:

• The author may submit to the competition no more than 20 works.
• One work may be presented in one nomination only.
• Works submitted shall have a length and width ratio of 2:3.

The author should be the right holder of the works they submit.

In case a work becomes a semi-finalist the author will be request to submit the large format of the file submitted to the competition, in vector or raster format, prepared for printing (60×90 cm, 150-300 dpi). The files shall be submitted within 14 calendar days from the date of sending the respective letter.

The official competition languages are Russian and English.

The winners of the competition will be exhibited in Moscow and St. Petersburg during Autumn 2020.

Anyone may submit his/her works to participate in this poster competition. Authors from any countries can participate in the competition without restrictions.


The competition winners who won 1st place in their nomination will obtain a cash prize of USD 1,000. The laureates who won the second and the third places in their nomination will obtain valuable prizes and gifts from the Festival sponsors and partners.

no fee

deadline: 29/02/2020
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