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Gleis 70
AIR CALL for Artists/Designer

The cooperative Gleis 70 in collaboration with the Cultural Department of the Canton of Zurich offers a three-month guest residency in Zurich that includes the use of a living/working space and a stipend. This residency is intended for visual artists and designers living in Europe (with a valid Schengen visa) or for Swiss visual artists and designers from French, Italian or Rhaeto-Romanic Switzerland.

Gastatelier Gleis 70: Period of Residence: January to March 2023
The Gleis 70 guest studio is located in Zurich Altstetten in a former factory building in an industrial area. Artists, musicians, designers, inventors, composers, writers, graphic artists, craftsmen, filmmakers and many more work in the building of the Gleis 70 cooperative. It is located directly on the tracks of the Zurich-Bern/Basel railroad line and is easily accessible by public transport.

The guest studio:
The guest studio includes a living room with sleeping and kitchen area, bath and a working space (50m2 all together).
The studio is furnished: Shelves/desks/chairs/bed/sofa. A separate washing machine can be used.
 Free wifi. A bicycle is available.
The cafeteria on the 6th floor is open during the day from 9am to 4pm.
Various shopping facilities can be reached in a few minutes.
The building and studio are wheelchair accessible.

The residence is NOT suitable for large projects or groups.

The cooperative Gleis 70 and the Cultural Department of the Canton of Zurich provide the guest studio to the artists/designers free of charge. In addition, the artists/designers receive a monthly allowance of CHF 1’500 as well as travel expenses from their home to Zurich and back (one-time). The artists/designers will also receive a contribution of CHF 1’000 towards the project costs. The artists/designers are covered by health insurance during their stay, unless they already have valid insurance. The artists/designers are responsible for all other expenses.


Artists/designers must have graduated at least 3 years ago and have been working in the artistic field since then.
Artists/designers have to travel to Zurich by train.
We expect the artist/designer to be present for most of the time (at least 75%).
The artist/designer will be responsible for organizing two open studios.
For our collection and documentation we are interested in e.g. a small work or a short photographic documentation of your project.
At the end of the residency we ask as well for a short report about your artistic process during your stay at Gleis 70.
Please send the following as 1 PDF by email only
(IMPORTANT: the complete PDF file attachments can not extend 10MB):

· Application form
· Personal statement and letter of motivation or description of a project in Zurich,
· CV
· Documentation of recent artistic works (last 6 years)

Send to:

If an application doesn’t meet the deadline, exceeds the 10MB or is incomplete or not readable, it will not be considered. Applications by postal-services will not be considered. Application by wetransfer or dropbox will not be considered.

Unfortunately, we cannot communicate the results of the selection process to everyone personally .
If you will not hear from us until beginning of October 2022 we were unable to include you in our guest artist program.

deadline: August 31, 2022
more info: //