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Future Forms of Beauty


Université PSL
Call for Transdisciplinary and Group Projects on ‘Future Forms of Beauty’

The Université PSL Research Chair on Beauty Studies, made possible by a sponsorship from L’Oréal, provides support for projects that focus on forward-looking approaches to the concept of beauty. In 2020, the Research Chair on Beauty Studies is launching its first call for transdisciplinary group proposals. This call for proposals is being addressed to the entire academic community, from the hard sciences to the arts and humanities and the social sciences, without any restrictions in terms of discipline or methodology.

One, two or three projects will be selected in 2020 and awarded financial support ranging from €5,000 to €30,000.

Consistent with the scientific diversity to be found at PSL, the projects must be multidisciplinary and must follow an approach that elaborates on, calls into question, reinvigorates or shifts the concept of beauty. The multidisciplinary group project(s) will be designed to prompt international reflection and will be assessed on their ability to generate integrative and dynamic forms of research.

The chosen theme – Future Forms of Beauty – should encourage applicants to be unique and inventive in devising a concept of beauty that can dialectically explore the challenges we will confront in the future, in ways that connect aesthetic projections with ethical, technological, ecological or cultural concerns.

To be eligible, projects must be led by an experienced researcher who is on the staff of a French research institution or institution of higher education and is based in France; the other members of the project may be doctoral or post-doctoral students or unaffiliated researchers in France or abroad.

The research team will consist of three to six researchers from a variety of disciplines.

deadline: 15 November 2020
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