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Food-based Jewelry Call


Arm Candy
The Art of Wearable Food

ACCI Gallery is pleased to accept submissions of food-based jewelry, couture, and other forms of edible bodily adornment for “Arm Candy” an exhibition of edible ornamentation. Food has been used as a physical medium for the creation of art throughout history; from the use of egg as a binder in tempera paint to Ed Ruscha’s Chocolate Room, first presented at the Venice Biennale in the 1970s. In the world of fine jewelry, when a particularly large gemstone is worn, phrases like, ‘that is so beautiful, I could eat it up’ are often used. There is a great similarity in discussing food and art as the adjectives used to describe them are easily interchangeable: heavenly, enticing, disgusting, beautiful, tender, dazzling, dull, fragile, weak, strong, elegant, harsh, and delicious. The language of one is the language of the other. This exhibit seeks to challenge artists to work outside their norm or comfort zone in the creation of jewelry, couture, or bodily adornment that utilizes actual food.

Representations *of* food will not be considered. Work must have been conceived with or include actual foodstuffs.

A catalogue of the exhibition will be prepared with a complimentary copy available to all accepted artists and additional copies available for purchase.

Categories Accepted: Jewelry, Body Sculpture or Garment

Venue: ACCI Gallery, 1652 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, California, 94709

Juror: Carolyn Tillie is a freelance writer and exhibiting artist and curator. Having obtained an MFA in jewelry and metalsmithing from CSULB in 1998, she immediately thereafter worked in obtaining a Certified Master Chef certificate from Epicurean school in Los Angeles and Level Two certification from the Wine Spirit Education Trust. She has written for a number of wine industry magazines, the Napa Register, and Metalsmith magazine. As a culinary historian, her first book, Oysters, A Global History was released in 2017. Her food-themed jewelry has been sold in dozens of galleries all over the world and this exhibit will coincide with the release of her second book, A Feast for the Eyes – Food Art from Apple to Zucchini, published by Reaktion Press.

Exhibition Dates: June 25 through July 16

“Arm Candy” Artist’s Reception and Book Release Party
Friday, June 28, 5:00 p.m.

All artwork selected will be included in the exhibition catalogue. One complimentary catalogue will be available to each selected artist and more available to order during the show.


Artwork Restrictions
Representations of food will not be considered. Work must have been conceived with or include actual foodstuffs.


deadline: April 30, 2019
fee: $25
more info: