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Film & Photo Grant


Getty Images
ARRAY grant

With Getty Images mission to move the world with images, we are partnering with the ARRAY Alliance to provide support to photographers and film makers who are using their art forms to create diverse and inclusive visual stories. The Getty Images ARRAY Grant, offered in partnership with award-winning director and producer Ava Duvernay’s ARRAY Alliance, will provide financial support and mentorship to artists who capture the visual narrative of underrepresented ethnic communities and use their medium to progress visual representation – communities such as African-American, Caribbean, South Asian, Arab, Indigenous or Latinx for example. In addition to financial remuneration, recipients will also receive mentoring support and guidance.

Prizes and support: 

$5,000 prize (four available), two film-makers and two commercial creative photographers
Mentorship from either ARRAY Alliance or Getty Images
Option to take up Getty Images contract for winning work
The winners will be selected based on their project submissions, focusing on the quality of their cinematography, photographic skills and how their work is used to drive authenticity and inclusion.

deadline: 8 June 2018
more info: