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Biodiversity Call

International Nature Image Festival 2022
Biodiversity Call

The municipality of Vila Real (Portugal) launches the International Nature Image Festival 2022 (FIIN 2022), now in its sixth edition.

The festival rises awareness for the conservation of nature and the preservation of biological heritage. This edition, like the previous ones, provides various events and initiatives, such as contests, workshops and exhibitions, as well as a strong component of environmental education.

There are three contests:

• Biodiversity Drawing – The theme of the contest is the Biodiversity, portrayed through illustrations of wildlife, flora and wild habitats.

• Biodiversity Photography – The theme of the contest is wildlife. There are four categories: Birds | Other Fauna | Flora and Fungus | Landscapes and natural habitats.

• Biodiversity Short Film – The main objective of the Short Film contest is to promote the biological natural heritage, namely the natural regions, the ecosystems, the habitats and the species of wild fauna and flora, through the selection and classification of cinematographic works related to this subject.

Open to anyone worldwide.

Several cash prizes for the winner, including 4,000 EUR for the Short Film category winner. The Festival is scheduled for the weeks of November 13-25, 2022.

Entry fee:
Drawing Contest: 5 EUR
Photography Contest: 5 EUR
Short film contest: free entry.

deadline:  July 4, 2022
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