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Experimental Video/ Anim. Call

The festival MOTIONARTFILM is a video festival that brings the art film into public space. Beyond the classic narrative or documentary film, MOTIONARTFILM shows films that are experimental and cross-border, art that has chosen film as a medium. MOTIONARTFILM makes films visible to all and brings art to people. Beyond the walls of museums. Shown are films that can be submitted as part of a competition.

The competition
The competition is aimed at artists, art students, (dance / theater / film / choreography / directing / visual arts / media art / …). Applicants should have a connection to the Ruhr area and explain it when registering. Each participant may also submit several films. At the end of the competition, three films will be awarded.

1st prize 5,000, – €
2nd prize 3.000, – €
3rd prize 2.000, – €

Submission and presentation
The films can be between 01.8. and 20.11.2018.
They are shown for two months – between 28.9. and 26.11.2018; at over 20 places in public space without sound and in public space with sound.
That is, the films, although they are created with sound, are presented in public space without sound.
The aim is not only to show the winners of the competition, but to offer as many artists as possible a platform. In addition, all selected films are made available on the Internet. Shown are the films from 28.09. – so before the deadline!

MOTIONARTFILM not only wants to present, but also network and promote the art film. All contestants are invited to workshops, discussions and events related to the art film.
Submissions and participation in the competition

deadline: 20.11.2018
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