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HUBS IMMERSIVE festival 2019
Open call ‘ [voluntary] EXILE and HOSPITALITY’, a total artistic immersive experience

The multidisciplinary HUBS IMMERSIVE festival 2019 will take place on the 8th and 9th of November 2019 in The Hague.
Under the theme “[voluntary] EXILE and HOSPITALITY”, a total artistic immersive experience, the festival team is looking for artists, performers and other creators which will propose existing works, adapted version, or work in progress.

“Recognizing exile as an internal experience as much as a physical displacement, exile has been a focal point for reflections about individual and cultural identity and problems of nationalism, racism, and war. The organisers are looking for works that are addressing and questioning the topics of exile and hospitality separately or combined together, works that engender new associations of ideas affiliated to the word exile”.

The organisers will privilege interactive performances, interactive art installations or interactive multidisciplinary art works.

General requirements
– Artists living in Europe or work in city of The Hague (or broader in the Netherlands), or had a relation to the city in the past, (ex: studies, expositions, performances, supports, artistic collaborations…)
– Be active in the program “audience and artist creative hubs exchange”, a three-fold open studio.
– Besides artistic quality and production achievability, each artist is required to play an active part to promote the festival within it’s own network, (enhancing the visibility of the second edition of the festival.)

What the organisers are looking for
-Short performances that can be experienced for the audience in a time frame between 10 and 20 min
-Works that invite the audience to engage into the work, the (artistic) game, the within the proposed universe and/or with the artists itself.
-Works that (from the concept itself and the performance choices) praise human contact

What is provided:

-Exhibition/performance fee
-Traveling cost from abroad
-Professional video / audio / photographic documentation
-Feedback on concept, performativity coaching, creative hubs exchange

deadline: 28 February 2019
more info: