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Exhibition Call K&I

Design Museum
Open Call for Exhibitions on the Theme of Knowledge and Information

The Design Museum in Helsinki is aiming to become a hub for knowledge production. This call for exhibitions seeks entries that study the theme of knowledge and information through the lens of design.

At their best, exhibitions can shake up established thought patterns and help people to view the world from a completely new perspective. The fourth Design Club open call for exhibitions has been built around the thematic of a new understanding. The exhibition selected through this process will be held in the Design Museum’s Gallery space in the autumn of 2022.

An idea for an exhibition can be extended to comment on many types of social themes, from polyphony to questions of equity connected to knowledge production. Is it possible to generate information collectively, and who can be involved in such a process? And how can designers reinterpret historical information or the culture of objects, for example? Can we view old materials or techniques in a new light if we acquire a new perspective?

Entries for exhibition ideas can take advantage of processes of object design, social design, infographics, user interface design, art handicrafts, or critical design.

The exhibition concept selected through the application process will be granted €10,000 production funding (covering costs for travel, transport, equipment, materials, and work). The winning proposal will also be offered the use of the Gallery space of the Design Museum Helsinki, help for putting the exhibition together and for its basic expenses. Exhibition schedule: 9 September 2022 – 15 January 2023.

The call for exhibition proposals is open for Finnish and international designers, working groups, businesses, curators, researchers or students.

deadline: 30 September 2021
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