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‘Dog Days’ Call

Novelty Magazine

Open Call “Dog Days” for all art forms“The theme for our 12th issue is “Dog Days” and we are open to submissions.Deep in the heart of summer, we bask in the dazzling sunshine.

Our senses are stirred by nature in full bloom; the taste of sweet fruit, cold lemonade, the smell of cut grass. We are urged on by the heat to dive headfirst into soothing waters.Can you keep your cool, or do you go off chasing mirages?

This issue is about high summer, freedom, and fever.Novelty is a quarterly online magazine interested in fresh perspectives on unconventional themes. Each issue focuses on an unusual theme, exploring it through essays, articles, columns, fiction, photography, music, illustration, visual arts, video and animation.Novelty is launching an Open Call to all art forms.

No fee required to participate, and open to all nationalities/international.

See our concept cloud for further inspiration

deadline: 1st June 2018
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