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Performance Works and Research Call

DISKURS Festival
Call for Performance Works and Research Projects

The DISKURS Festival is a theatre festival between art and theory. DISKURS takes place annually in Gießen, this year from 14-30 October 2022. Under the title smash|pause|trash it addresses the deceleration and restructuring of social and artistic practices.

Smash – Which patriarchal, capitalist and colonial structures do we have to destroy?
Pause – How can we reflect on our position and develop new ideas during a pause?
Trash – how can we reassemble these ideas from the pieces as imperfect attempts?

DISKURS are interested in: Who has a/no place in current norms of working practices? How can we critique practices in which certain groups of people and individuals are increasingly placed in precarious financial circumstances or excluded? How can we work with other communities without reproducing existing stereotypes?

The festivals is looking for:

Works of any artistic discipline and theoretical positions on the mentioned topic.
Artistic or theoretical research projects for the DISKURS residency programme.
They offer:

Salary at the lower fee limit of the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste (DE) for contributions of 1-3 people (larger groups by arrangement).
Travel allowance of 100€.
Residency for the development of a work and the possibility of a presentation/workshop.
The festival takes place in the rooms of the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, public space in Gießen, and on digital platforms. Residencies run throughout the whole festival period, with the main programme taking place each weekend.

The organisers especially encourage people from marginalised groups as well as submissions that want to collaborate with marginalised groups from Giessen to apply.

deadline: 1 July 2022
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