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Curatorial Team under 35 call


Fondazione Adolfo Pini
Open Call team curatoriale under 35

The Adolfo Pini Foundation has a national Open Call to form a two-year curatorial team – under 35 -. The five selected candidates will contribute to the launch of the @Pini – Casa dei Saperi cultural project, curated by Valeria Cantoni, which will start in February 2019.
The project @Pini – Casa dei Saperi will be divided into a program of activities aimed at deepening the themes of the contemporary. Through a schedule of meetings, workshops, master classes and critical insights, @Pini – Casa dei Saperi is a place for generative and multidisciplinary exchange between young scholars, artists, curators, philosophers, musicians, and for anyone who feels the need to have a lively and horizontal cultural dialogue. The theme of 2019 will be “New Utopias”.

“In line with the mission of the Foundation, it seemed urgent to dedicate a space, in Milan, to the meeting of different knowledge and jobs, where young artists, scholars, enthusiasts or even just the curious can question the teachers about their practices and visions and exchange experiences, thoughts and skills on issues that go through the contemporary world “, says Valeria Cantoni, curator of the project and member of the Board of Adolfo Pini Foundation. “A place to stop and discuss, where one can discover new intellectual or artistic passions and meet people with whom to undertake a short road trip together, even outside academia or after university. An open and inclusive circle whose mission is finally to give the floor to young people who have something to say and to listen to “.

The task of the curatorial team, selected by a committee composed of the board of the Foundation and announced at the end of October, will be to propose and outline the program of events of 2019 and 2020. More specifically, the Call is open to cultural operators, scholars and designers of different disciplines who, with the support of the Adolfo Pini Foundation, will have to develop, articulate and define the various contents of the events around the theme identified each year; select the participants of the various initiatives; assist and support communication with guests (artists, organizations); and more.

Philosophers, designers, anthropologists, artists, architects, economists, mathematicians, musicians, etc., will be invited to the spaces of the Fondazione Adolfo Pini with the aim of building an open and inclusive place for fertile and transversal relationships; a real home where knowledge and experience meet and where you can learn through reading, listening, comparison, but also contemporary art inserted in the nineteenth-century context in a dialogue that always offers wonderful surprises.

deadline: 22 ottobre 2018
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