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Curatorial AIR Fellowship


ARAK Collection
Curatorial Residency Fellowship 2020

ARAK Collection, based in Doha, Qatar, is inviting applications from curators from Sub-Saharan Africa. This is an opportunity for young and mid-career contemporary art curators to be selected for their annual Curatorial Residency Fellowship Programme, based at their Collection Exhibition and Research Space in Doha, Qatar.

The ARAK Collection Annual Residency Fellowship Programme will host its first guest resident curator in 2020 with the aim of promoting a better knowledge and understanding of Contemporary Sub-Saharan Art in the Middle East and Beyond through research of the extensive works that are part of their collection.

The resident guest curator is expected to research the collection with the intention of curating an exhibition and writing the exhibition catalogue at the end of the residency period, after in-depth research and the submission of a curatorial concept to be approved by the ARAK Collection Curatorial Advisory Committee.

The final Residency Fellowship Programme exhibition will first be inaugurated at the ARAK Collection Doha Exhibition and Research Space and is expected to travel to other locations in the Middle East and internationally, including Africa.

The fellowship awards a grant of USD 20,000 that includes:

USD 5000 for research expense and fee.
USD 15,000 to produce the exhibition and publish the catalogue.
In view of the uncertainty and calendar displacements caused by the global Covid 19 Pandemia, and the limitations on traveling, the organisers have decided to change the application deadline regulations and during 2020/2021 they will accept rolling applications.

deadline: on going
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