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Collaboration Projects Call

i-Portunus Houses
Open call Round 2

i-Portunus Houses is open to hosts (organisation or established individual artists/cultural professionals) to team up with 2 to 5 artists and/or cultural professionals, legally residing in different Creative Europe countries, with the intention to work together on one or more collaboration projects. The scheme is open for all cultural sectors (except audio-visual sectors), approaches and working modalities. Supported by the European Commission and implemented by European Cultural Foundation, MitOst and Kultura Nova Foundation.

This scheme puts focus on hosts underlining their value in providing efficient and ‘safe’ residencies & working environments for artists/cultural professionals. i-Portunus Houses provide financial support to the host for sub-granting the cost of mobility (transport, accommodation etc.) to their receiving artists/cultural professionals (team members). Hosts can apply for one collaboration project with up to 5 artists/cultural professionals or up to 5 collaboration projects engaging a minimum of 1 artist/cultural professional per collaboration project. Hosts have to receive a minimum of 2 artist/cultural professionals in total.

The main objective of your collaboration project has to be one of the following:

Create: (co-)creation of artistic work, production, performance
Connect: networking, internationalisation
Learn: increase competences, professional development
Explore: research, future collaborations/projects
Within this scheme hosts can apply for collaboration projects consisting of physical mobility or of a mix of physical and virtual mobility (blended). Hosts cannot apply for virtual participation only. In total, i-Portunus Houses will invest a maximum of 30% of the mobility budget (500,000 euros) into virtual participation.

Funding depends on the types of mobility (virtual / physical) and the number of people involved (check the link to more details below).

Additional mobility support can be provided to hosts that invite artists/cultural professionals with a disability. In this case, the applicant should self-declare their access needs and financial support will be based on a case-by-case basis. i-Portunus Houses will ask for receipts of these additional costs.

deadline: 3 October 2021
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