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Climate Change Art Call

Points of Return
Online exhibition + Publication on Climate Change

Arts platform A La Luz is seeking entries for Points of Return, an exhibition in summer 2021 that will shed light on the wide-raging environmental issues the world faces in this time of climate crisis, whilst also presenting paths to possible solutions. A La Luz will also produce a book featuring all the artists’ works selected for the exhibition.

A La Luz is calling artists from any origin at any career stage to submit works and projects that highlight some of the impacts that human actions have had on our planet and also foster critical thinking about positive change. The title of the exhibition, Points of Return, references the fact that we haven’t reached the dreaded “point of no return.” Therefore there are still many opportunities for our civilisation to curb climate change and move toward a balanced and more sustainable and harmonious way of inhabiting Earth.

Points of Return will present some of the most alarming consequences that our actions have had on nature, but it will also highlight hope and the possibility of a bright future for our home planet.

Works from any art discipline are welcome, and projects that involve collaboration or dialogue with science are encouraged, but not required.

Some of the environmental issues that the proposals might address are:

– Plastic pollution
– Air pollution
– Biodiversity loss
– Monoculture
– Degraded soils
– Extensive farming
– Overfishing
– Melting ice caps
– Deforestation
– Water pollution
– Desertification
– Extreme meteorological phenomena
– Changing precipitation patterns
– CO2 emissions and greenhouse effect
– Rising sea levels
– Ocean acidification
– Erosion

Works that have been developed from 2018 onwards are eligible for Points of Return. We also accept projects that are ongoing or that are currently being developed but that may have not come to a conclusion yet.

Between 10 and 15 artists will be selected, depending on the number of applications and the ability of the projects submitted to communicate ideas related to humanity’s impact on the environment and ways to have a healthier relationship with nature.

All selected artists will feature in a book related to the exhibition, in both digital, and eventually printed format.


Artists from any discipline, origin and at any stage of their career may apply. Submissions from both individual artists and collectives are accepted.

All submissions should include the following:

– Application form at completed.

– 5 images of the work or project. The images must be at least 1500 pixels on their longest side. The images must be sent to

If the work you are submitting is video or audio, please provide the link or links and password if needed.

Deadline for applications: July 1st


The jury panel comprises a group of artists, scientists and activists whose practices focus extensively on the environment. They will select 5 works that will become part of the Special Jury Selection.

Joseph Calleja, Artist
Luce Choules, Artist and Writer, Founder of
Inés García, Artist
Begoña Izquierdo, Biologist and Activist
Anna Macleod, Environmental Artist
Miranda Massier, Director of The Climate Museum
Elizabeth Monoian & Robert Ferry, Founders and Directors of the Land Art Generator
Yasmine Ostendorf, Founder of the Green Art Lab Alliance


A La Luz is an international wide ranging platform for sustainable and environmentally focussed creative works founded by artists David Cass and Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar Romero. Their own creative projects are mostly environmentally focussed.

“A La Luz”, translates from the Spanish as “to bring to light” or, “to shed light on”.

Just as the climate crisis can only be tackled collectively, so too is this art project inclusive and collaborative in nature. A La Luz shares, promotes, and acts as a reference tool and forms a compendium of creative responses to climate change.

deadline: July 1st, 2021
more info: //