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Calligraphy Award

City of Westerlo and vzw Kalligrafia
Internationationale Grote Prijs Kalligrafie

In the 2022 edition, a free work or a work with the theme “Dante” will be awarded.
There is a special prize for the best Dante work, on the occasion of the seven hundredth anniversary of the death of the great poet, writer, philosopher and politician
Dante Alighieri.

As everybody knows, the association ”Kalligrafia“ has a special connection with Italy. Just think of the international project “Walls talk”, the summer
courses given in Tuscany for 12 years, the calligraphy exhibitions in Pistoia, Milan, etc.

It goes without saying that we were delighted when the Dante Alighieri Anversa association promised us their support. This theme can be interpreted in the broadest sense: Dante, Italy, the sonnets for Beatrice, La Divina Commedia, Florence, Ravenna.

deadline: 21 november 2021
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