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Call ‘The Wonders of Possible’

Kyber Theatre
Open Call for International Theatre, Art and New Technologies Festival, ‘The Wonders of Possible’

The 8th Edition of the International Theatre, Art and New Technologies Festival ‘The Wonders of Possible’ will take place in Cagliari, Italy between November and December 2021.

The Festival is the first of this kind in the whole of Italy. Its aim is to promote the interrelation between artistic and technological languages. The current open call, addressed to Italian and international artists, is for projects on the topic of ‘Interaction between arts and technology’. Participation is open to artists under the age of 35 working individually and emerging companies/groups with a maximum of 3 people.

Eligible projects:

Theatre and new technologies plays.
Art and new technologies performances.
Installations that explore and realise the interaction between artwork, exhibition space and observers with the contribution of technology.
The festival will provide full coverage of all the costs for the artists’ mobility to Cagliari (international travel, board and accommodation). Subject to agreements with the festival’s technical director, material required for the presentation of the performance/show/play/installation can be covered, alongside an ‘attendance fee’ for two performances.

Selected artists will also have the opportunity to hold a workshop with entrance tickets for the audience (workshop proceeds will go to the artists).

deadline: 1 July 2021
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