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10th International Johann Heinrich Schmelzer Competition
Call for Musicians

The International Johann Heinrich Schmelzer Competition is a competition for historically informed performance practice which is held triennially as part of the >Internationae Barocktage Stift Melk<. The festival wants to provide a stage to young artists as well as award exceptional talent and performances. The >International Johann Heinrich Schmelzer Competition< offers participants the opportunity to perform in front of a high-quality jury, all experts in the field of Early Music.

The competition is open to vocal and instrumental soloists as well as vocal and instrumental ensembles of any nationality born on or after 28 May 1985.

Awards and Prizes:
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer Prize
• EUR 5.000,– sponsored by Capital Bank.
• concert recital at the >Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk<

Motivational bursary
Assessment by jury and audience
• EUR 1.000,– sponsored by Prof. Gerhard Stabentheiner, the president of the Friends Association of the >Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk<.

Closing date:
March 6 2020

Applications must include:
• a completed online-application form (
• a letter of motivation
• a curriculum vitae
• a recent headshot photo in printable resolution (300 dpi)
• a copy of your passport or ID card
• a proof of payment of the registration fee
• three audio recordings of three different styles (ger. It., fr.), with an overall duration of 20 minutes including exact details about composer, name and duration of each piece

Once the online-application form has been completed, a Dropbox-link for the upload of the recordings will be provided via email. Please note, that we are able to provide the link only during our office hours (Mon.-Fri. 9am – 4pm)

Full applications (including the upload of the recital pieces) must be received by the event organizer by the closing date of March 6 2020 at Only complete applications will be considered for the initial short-listing.

Registration fee:
Soloists: EUR 50,-
Ensembles: EUR 80,-
The registration fee, exempt for charges for the recipient, has to be received on our bank account by 6 March 2020 onto the following account:

HYPO NOE Landesbank AG
Kontoinhaber: Wachau Kultur Melk GmbH
Verwendungszweck: Vollständiger Name / Competition 2020
IBAN: AT65 5300 0064 5222 4109

deadline: March 6 2020

Please visit for more information: